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Miraj un Nabi

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Life is becoming difficult day by day. It seems that red blood is becoming white, hatred among one another is rampant. Brother is pitted against brother and man has becoming prey of his own kind and every one is elf centered and seeking heaven for themselves/himself. There is darkness all around. On the hand we have become victims of organisations, parties and institutions which profess change through revolutions and advocate reforms but no where in sight is the dawn of the era which can bring eternal happiness and peace.

This is perhaps due to fact that the orgainesers want reform of the system whitout reforming or changing its components i.e. its workers/individuals. They are out to change the system itself without discarding the old system, they aspire to bring about collective change in the present social set-up but surprisingly without changing the unit i.e. the persons composing the society at large-how it is possible.

Dear fellow Citizens,

Revolution does not descend from sky like drops nor will it rise from the waves of your rivers. No leader will emerge from the palaces of power to break the chains of bondage, How long will you keep running here and there to fill your stomach, clothe yourself and find a shelter. Till how will you beg for the justice (Insaaf). Come forward, we own must rise.

We must fight against evil, crime, corruption, deprivation, helplessness, forces of evil, hunger, ignorance. Come let us shun dependence on others and throw the clutches . With complete trust in Allah and his Prophet Muhammed (Peace Be Upon Him), we can march forward into the future through motionations of self progress and self reliance.

First let us reform out own self, our own home, Mould our family, town, city according to the concepts of Mustafai disposition. Let us change the colour of our ruthles society with that of Mustafai Society. Instead of going after others, let us first reform ourselves. Instead of talking about rights, let us fulfill others and take pride in serving the humanity.

Inustice, exploitation, hatred, selfishness and materialistic environment should be replaces with Mustafai Society. In it lies our salvation, welfare and also welfare the people of Pakistan and their deliverance from hardships and agony. When we feel enlightenment in our own self, our homes will shine which will in turn spread in our mohallahs and localities, when our town and cities. Thus darkness will be wiped out from the whole country. Do you desire to travel on this beautiful and bright-road and be part of it? Do you not desire prosperiry for yourself, your family, city and country? If so, you must join Mustafai Tehrik.Whether you are Teacher, Lawyer, Doctor, Writer, or Engineer, Industrialist, Farmer or Labour or you belong to any section of the society, your humble co-operation will prove to be like drops in ocean and chage the destiny of mankind.

Mustafai Tehrik aims to prepare a dedicated force of selfless people who share discomfort and love. Their life must be didicated for the spread of the love of Prophet, their character must be moulded with the love of Almighty Allah. With the love of Prophet and millat-e-Muslamin and this beloved country Who for progress and prosperirty do not have o look to Aionist or Christian idealism to be followed. Who will never look to Washington or Moscow as instrument of progress. Who will consider their selected leaders as leaders only and not worship them as idols. Whose aim in life should be to get the happiness of Allah & beloved prophet.

Search your heart consult your conscience it is possible that the decision is in favor of Lashkar-e-Noor of Mustafai Tehrik. Do not delay, join the Tehrik. You must follow the decision of your conscience.

The caders of Mustafai-Tehrik, await your participation. A prosperious, progressive and great Pakistan awaits you A Mustafai Society peaceful and tranquil, with law and justice, with welfare and happiness await your embrace.This world’s successful life as well as a better life-here-after awaits you.


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